You are not alone, you are not crazy and you can beat it!
You do not have a disorder.
What is happening is absolutely natural and the worse your signs and symptoms, the harder your Subconscious Bodyguards are trying to WIN!
Empower those that are feeling isolated and alone, that they are still valuable to us and if they want to, they have a team and a mission where they are welcome as they are! Because their experiences are an ADVANTAGE. It starts with this book.
At it's core, this book is an interpreter for all the psycho-babble language we do not understand.

We understand The Werewolf, The Paranoid Assassin and The Ghost well enough though...we live with them.
Although they may be out of control at the moment, when you learn what is in the book, you will learn how to re-brief, re-train and re-deploy 'Your Subconscious Bodyguards.'
Learn their language first.
Is this series for you?
Those that arrive on this site generally fit into 5 categories:
1. They're in The Hole
2. They're going through The Shit Storm
3. They support someone in 1 or 2
4. They're conducting battle prep
5. They're conducting a recce
Whichever one you are, this free video series will empower you to UNDERSTAND The Shit Storm.
"You will know if you are in the shit-storm.
Some of you have been in here for years.
Click below for our FREE 4 part video series that will 
show you how to get out..."
The Common Battles We Face
When we are in uniform we are part of a tribe, a family.
In that tribe we are trained to deal with trauma.
That's why we're there.
We exist to kill or to capture. 

Our tribe has common battles because of this.
1. Going through 'The Shit Storm'
2. Stuck in 'The Dead Zone'
3. Frustrated, Angry or Bitter
4. Depressed, Anxious or Suicidal
5. Becoming a Werewolf, Paranoid Assassin or Ghost...
"Empowering Military and ex Military personnel
to take command and control of their life
in order to become successful in any life mission they choose."
Retired Military Veteran

"Coming back from an operational deployment then the nothingness until PTSD and major depression kicks in.

 I want this book or should I say I NEED this book. It’s written in military lingo and is completely understandable.

 This book will echo for decades to come."
Specialist Torture and Trauma Counselor

" Survivors often feel that they are damaged beyond redemption, that they are alone and that what they are experiencing is not normal.

 What this book highlights, is that you are not the only one going through trauma and that what you are experiencing is perfectly normal."
Civilian Counselor

"This amazing and utterly human 'take' on the reality of PTSD in the modern world has the power to set free men and women across the globe! 

 I commend you and honestly believe this book has the power to set people free from the hold that PTSD can have upon a person’s entire existence."
A Parent's Feedback

 "As a former soldier and the father of the author I watched quietly from the side-lines as my son struggled with his own demons after his return from Iraq.

 I pray that you will share this book with your own groups of friends and families because it may just save a life you didn't know was at imminent risk.”
"I've been there." 
Ex-Soldier, Ex-Police Officer,
Ex-Close Protection Operative,
Frustrated, Angry, Bitter...
But I made a decision to keep fighting. I cut a track out of 'The Dead Zone' I left a trail and I've got the map to share with you, so you can find your way out of The Dead Zone and be awesome again!
"You will know if you are in the shit-storm.
Some of you have been in here for years.
Click below for our FREE 4 part video series that will 
show you how to get out..."
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